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Clean groundwater for Stuttgart

The project aims are a sustainable improvement of the groundwater quality and a durable safeguarding of the mineral water quality in Stuttgart. 

Therefore the experts systematically take groundwater samples in the entire inner city basin. These samples provide the basis for a detailed numerical groundwater model aiming at an adequate comprehension of the interactions taking place in the underground of Stuttgart. Derived from this the existing sources of pollution will be identified and the remediation of the main sources will be prepared.

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Layman´s Report

The Layman´s Report summarizes the content and the results of the project in a short comprehensible way

The project film „The Solvent Risk - Clear Groundwater for Stuttgart“ outlines the content and the results of the project.


MAGPlan-Quiz online

Why is it so important to protect our mineral water? What could we do in everyday life? Questions like these are answered in our MAGPlan quiz for young explorers and scientists.

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Final project report

Investigation methodologies, models and management plan - comprehensive report about the investigation strategy, its implementation and the groundwater management plan for Stuttgart.