Technical reports

The Groundwater Management Plan

The Groundwater Management Plan consists of reports, maps, data bases and the electronical visualisation tool MAGIS. The plan forms the basis for a targeted abatement of CHC groundwater contaminations. A description is available in the attached document „The groundwater management plan for Stuttgart – priorities and concrete measures to be implemented by 2026.”
The plan sets priorities for the remediation of contaminated sites..

Technical part of the Final Report

Final Report of the MAGPlan project, submitted to the European Commission (30.09.2015).

Final report work package 1

Summary of the data collection, the installation of groundwater monitoring wells, and the compilation of the hydro-geological model and the numerical flow model (10.02.2012)

Final report work package 2

Characterisation of contamination plumes and hot spots, investigation of anthropogenic tracers and isotopic fingerprints, their assessment and the update of the hydro-geological and the numerical models (25.04.2013).

Final report work package 3

Investigations, numerical model valuation and the investigation/simulation of natural attenuation processes of CHC in the project area (13.04.2015).

Final report work package 4

Summary of measures to compile and implement the results of the groundwater management plan for Stuttgart (31.08.2015).