The overall goal of the project was to develop and implement an optimal strategy for integral groundwater investigation and efficient remediation of the key causes of pollution. A municipal groundwater management plan was drawn up to further substantiate the framework of recommendations given by the guidance document of the WFD. This plan aims to achieve a quantitative overview of contaminant mass flow rates for the whole area under consideration, to localise hot spots in a second step and then subsequently identify the main sources of pollution in order to remediate them.

MAGPlan aims at the:
  • Minimisation of investigation and remediation efforts for groundwater contamination by volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons,

  • Development of a remedial action plan for the whole inner city area of Stuttgart,

  • Long-term protection of the quality of the mineral springs,

  • Compilation of EU-wide applicable recommendations for groundwater risk management action in urban areas,

  • Increase of awareness among the general public and the commercial sector for groundwater protection issues.