Project MAGPlan

The groundwater of the whole inner city of Stuttgart will be investigated in an integral way during the project MAGPlan to identify the most serious sources endangering the groundwater and the mineral water springs of Stuttgart. During the project lifetime remediation options will be elaborated. Remediation activities should be started. MAGPlan is the acronym for "Management plan to prevent threats from point sources on the good chemical status of groundwater in urban areas."

​Project duration:​​ 
​01.01.2010 to 30.09.2015 
Financial Contribution:​
MAGPlan is funded by the European Commission under the program (LIFE+ 2008)​

Project area
The MAGPlan project area

The MAGPlan project area covers the catchment area of the Nesenbach valley, in which the city of Stuttgart evolved. The second largest mineral springs of Europe are endangered to get polluted by CHC (Chlorinated Hydrocarbons). The latest level of knowledge describes an entry of CHC in the part under roof of the Nesenbach valley, which is situated directly upstream the sources of mineral springs and covers a surface of 26.6 square kilometers. Regional investigations in the upper Nesenbach valley resulted in a pollutant-free groundwater at the inflow to the project area.